Iceland’s WOW air hardly needs an introduction. The Engine does PPC for WOW air and the results have been fantastic.

Case studies project


“WOW air is a cheeky Icelandic low-cost airline that flies to Iceland from a number of European cities the whole year round and recently added North America to its increasing list of destinations.”


The objective was to create a strategy to increase traffic towards WOW air’s websites in its 11 (now 18) target markets and their respective languages, utilizing flight-related and travel-related search phrases across a multilingual platform with the aim to increase revenue for WOW air and push the company message.

Among the set goals were:

  1. Increase AdWords revenue by 300%
  2. Increase overall PPC revenue by 350%
  3. Lower CPAs by 25%
  4. Increase search % CTR by 10%


The Engine‘s approach was comprised of six key streams of activity.

 First we established key phrases across a multilingual platform, restructured current activity to streamline account management & budgets and created branding campaigns to capture early funnel users and support search campaigns.

 We then proceeded to develop bid strategies to tackle % profit margins, introduced second-tier search engines and setup remarketing campaigns with different ad exchanges to increase reach.


It’s safe to say that all goals set in cooperation with WOW air were met, and then some! Although we weren’t able to show actual transaction or revenue numbers, we included the number of visits the campaigns returned for perspective.

  1. Visits: 400K (+79%)
  2. Overall Revenue: +463%
  3. Cost: +50%
  4. Return on ad spend: +340%
  5. Cost per transaction: -74%

Erla Björgheim – Online marketing manager for WOW air

“It has been a treat working with The Engine #Iceland, as they are professional and know exactly what they are talking about. However, the important factor for me is the results. The results have reached our initial goals and for me that is what really counts. Engine has laid a solid foundation for all future WOW Air SEM efforts.”

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